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Wednesday, June 8

Apologies for the lack of posts, have just emerged from an L Word/Tru Calling/US Queer as folk haze. It was touch and go as to whether I'd emerge at all. They made it so comfy down there. I blame ebay.

Anyway. Let's talk briefly about Sugar Rush, Channel 4's new lesbo 'teen' drama which started way too late last night. The prospect of Sugar Rush excited me as much as finding a grey pube in my sandwich, having read the book when it was published. I dislike Julie Birchill quite a bit but of course when the free copy of a teenage lesbo book turned up at my then work, I just had to read it. I enjoyed the story but being appalled by the writing style, I was overall disappointed. Although I did welcome the fact that such a graphic teenage lesbo book was published at all. I think the fact that the author was well known did heaps to ensure the book was widely available and not just shoved in the dusty, underused, gay sections of bookstores.

So, I braced myself for all bad things, crossing my arms tightly across my unample chest and developing a vile double chin to watch the nonsense unfold. However, I was instantly hooked with the opening scene of a 15 year old, almost-lesbo wanking off with an electric toothbrush (yeah, that's why I have £300 worth of work to get done at the dentist - inappropriate use of toothbursh). The whole thing was great. Very blatant and matter of fact and quite unlike most 'issue-based' dramas. Oh and it was actually funny too. The main chick (Olivia Hallinan) was real good (and a mile away from her previous role in a kids TV show, and thankfully without the pigtails) and I'm sure when she grews some breasts of her own she'll be pretty damn hot. Am waiting with baited breath (and crossed legs) for the next installment which I'm hoping will be even naughtier better.

And so I go replace the head on my toothbrush for the 8th time this week.

Today's Likes

Female dentists
The Cider House Rules - John Irving
New found love for Shane, L Word
Season two of Tru Calling tho the Dushku is not as hot as I want her to be
Climax (it's a nail varnish, yes, really)
My fabulous new pair of pink/black sugar baseball boots

Today's Dislikes

Polyester trousers, sweaty
Period pain,there's just no need
Getting gasumped on ebay over fabulous trainers
Our broken car
Mood inducing weather