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Wednesday, March 15

Laurel Holloman, a vision of blurry goodness

Daniela Sea, a vision of not so blurry goodness

Clearly these photos determine the highlight of our 8 days in New York.

We in no way expected to walk into Virgin Megastores on Times Square to find hotties from our favourite show signing copies of the new L Word book. The whole affair was more pant wettingly exciting than a ten women orgy and I got to shake hands with both Laurel Holloman and Daniela Sea. I even got a proper chat with Daniela who I instantly fell over my tongue to speak to. I tried to slip her more than just my number but was brushed aside by the mega bouncer. After she let me take numerous photos of her, most of which were too blurred due to my ultra shaky hands (see Tina’s photo for evidence of this also) she kindly got her cast mate’s attention so I could get a photo of her too. Oh it was all so exciting. Lil Red and I needed more than a caffeine injection to calm our shaking lesbo legs and I vowed never to wash my hot, lesbo touched hand. In fact, the crust I have developed on my right hand is only vaguely offensive and I’ve grown rather attached to the stench of unclean skin. Mmmmm.

Anyway, so I go shake the dead skin from my keyboard while contemplating life as Daniela Sea’s mistress.