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Monday, May 14

Friday night in the gay bar was not planned. I mean, I had a Eurovision party to look forward to on Saturday night. I should have been sensibly tucked up in bed in preparation for the big gay event but alas, Friday night saw the unwelcome return of Fee in the gay bar, on the podium, dancing like a prick and falling on her ass and revealing Bella the Belly to the whole world, again. I really am too ace for the base.

By the time Eurovision came around I was barely compusmentus but somehow managed to get high on Pepsi Max and join in the gayest party ever. There were nibbles and scorecards… it was all most exciting. My money was on Ukraine (think munchkin drag queens wrapped in tinfoil) but was happy that the lesbo won simply because she put so much effort into her performance that on many occasions I was sure she must have followed through. Oh, and chicks in suits… yes please.

While there was marks out of ten for Dance Routine, Performance, Outift (100 points to the Ukraine!) there was not a column for ‘Hotness’. If that were the case, Russia would have won hands down and Scooch (of course the campest entry ever) would have gotten nil points. How old IS that dude with the blonde mullet? Am sure I have seen him collecting his pension and getting on the bus for a bargain price.

So, this weekend was, as ever, awash with much alcohol and copious amounts of food. Mmmm hmmm, life rocks.

Today’s Likes

My ‘new’ haircut, same as ever… I don’t do change
Facebook… not quite the new bebo, however
Apricot wine, sweet, alcoholic goodness
My new podium related accident bruise – measuring 5 inches!

Today’s Dislikes

Feeling like a moldy toldy
Stalkers in the gay bar, piss off
Having put on about 12 stone in a week
The ice rink being closed, gays on ice…
Fusty pesto, nae fine