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Sunday, May 6

I'm still pissed as a fart. I'm rolling around my bed in amongst the crunchy stick crisps which I will be picking out of my crevices for months to come. I've put last night's pizza in the toaster. I reek of stale fags, sweat from all the dancing and some fruity perfume with which I was assaulted. I have yet to be sick but given my status as a serial spewer I am sure this is to follow. My mouth is fully ulcerated from gorging on the crunchy sticks and bacon bites. I disgust myself.

My recollections of partying at Beast's new flat are decidely hazy. I know the pre party party was a success and I know this because we were 4 hours late for the actual party. We knew that once "Mayahee, mayahoo, mayahaha" blasted out that we would not be able to stop dancing (if you can call our moves 'dancing'). We arrived at the party completely twatted and once we got the death metal off (most unfitting in amongst us gays who like Britney, Madonna and other such cheese) the dancing begun on a grander scale. That's pretty much all I remember. Oh and moving the furniture across the freshly done wooden floors to give Bo and I more room to 'Julia Jog' (don't ask) and subsequently dancing on said furniture when the host was otherwise engaged. An appalling lack of respect I know... Oh and let's not forget Bo's dramatic fainter during the speeches... Classic.

Most members of our gay gang were there so of course a wonderful time was had and I'm sure I had some amazing conversations with everybody (my face is sore from all the laughing, or yelling to be heard, who can say) but at this, still wasted, moment in time, I can't quite recall what these conversations might have entailed. I'm sure to suffer the flashbacks and the 'oh fucks' once the hangover sets in. Hangover paranoia rocks my socks!

And so I go apply even more lashings of Bonjela to my crisp injured mouth. Gutsy bastard; I really need to press my self control button before allowing calorific food into the house.

Today's Likes

That I'm finding crunchy sticks in my hair, yum
The first cup of tea of the day
Pizza in the toaster, the perfect way to heat up your leftovers...
Three days off, quality friend time, mmm hmmm

Today's Dislikes

Hair wash day!
Death metal at a gay party... not really bothered if it was your band or not
Not being able to dance on the scaffolding (a health and safety issue apparently, who'd have thunk it...)
Having finished The Book Thief... if you haven't read it... do
White wine, oh ma heeeed

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