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Friday, June 15

Sing if you’re glad to be gay?

I didn’t make the effort for Pride in Aberdeen. I never have. I don’t know what it is but I’d celebrate my gayness in any other city (ok, maybe not Dundee) but just not here, in my wonderful home town. It’s always rather understated but at least they usually bung the gays and lesbos in a park where they can dance and gay it up comfortably. Not this year however. I don’t know whose idea it was to hold Pride in the main shopping area but I think it was a big mistake. I mean, what on earth? I am as gay as the day and happily so but I wouldn’t have fancied flying my rainbow flag outside M&S amongst all the neds and Aberdonian twats.

We gayed it up in another way instead by getting drunk all day long to celebrate Bo’s birthday. I was surprised at the stamina I demonstrated and we had a total carry on. Someone got egged, some of us got our drunken mugs in the paper and I even made it to the gay bar, suitably tanked up but having lost a few members of the group to the fresh air.

I love Foundation (the gay bar) but on Pride night it sucked ass. We had Eton Road who were as drab as a man in a cardy and sandals and then we had some weird woman singing along with the songs and even giving us her awful rendition of ‘My Heart Will Go On’… It really was total Tragicville and we didn’t get the dance we are so used to on a weekend. Most disappointing indeed. So yeah, my pride experience was utter tosh.

We made up for that last weekend by parting at Beast’s and dancing on top of his kitchen counter while Flem Girl and I tapped danced out way around the house, timesteps, pick-ups, the lot! We really did rool the skool.

And so I continue to celebrate starvation central because I know it will not last for long.

Today’s Likes

Rhiana – Umbrella, big up the dance version
My ace friends
Getting our lease renewed. Long may the Fee/Bo parties continue
My new hat, pinstriped and a skull, what more could The Fee ask for?

Today’s Dislikes

Being so tired I am hallucinating
My split, chipped nails, nae bonny
The thought of food
Body Odour, I seem to be a persistent offender
New trainers which are too sore to wear