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Thursday, February 28

A girl at my work just asked if I wanted to see her bra. Being a lesbian there really was only one answer. She laughed as she hoisted her top to show me her new ‘markies’ bra, yelling out loud, ‘you only want to see my boobs’. Right enough. And so red was my face that I could not blatantly stare at her lacy get up as she so expected me to do, and offer any comments or criticism on the garment. I wouldn’t have cared if this were some ‘beast of the fields’ but it was an American chick. I like American chicks, maybe cos I have only come across good looking ones. I don’t really know what it is about them, their bolshyness, their friendliness or their flirtyness. Well I guess the latter helps a lot but I suppose it’s a mixture of all three. And the accents. Well that’s something else, anything with a twang does it for me. I could be with Attilla the Hun in a pink velour sweatsuit but as long as I just shut my eyes…

But back to the matter in hand, American chick’s bra and her begging me to look at it. In the end, the only glimpse I got of her bra (and ultimately her 'boobs') was through a sneaky glance sideways as she pulled her top down, sniggerin cos she had embarrassed me so. I am so easily tormented. Yet so easily pleased.