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Wednesday, February 20

i have been trying in vain to work out why i'mbothering to write stuff that no one will ever read but I'm drawin' a blank, actually I'm drawing nuthin cos I'm artistically challenged.

Today I had a casualty: my prized possession that is a total crowd pleaser amongst the masses got wrecked. Yup, those who have the unfortunate pleasure of actually knowing me will know what I am talking about and I will inform the rest of you as to my misery... Hanging onto tube pole in a weird fashion with it being so packed an' all I yarked my bent wrist out of a small gap it had become wedged in and I felt it go... I held back the tears as I bent (fuck I am such a queer) over to snatch (and here I go again...lesbos are filth) my fallin Britney Spears watch which was now pinless and scratchful. There are no words to express my deep sorrow, well except the mangey 20 quid that is wingin' its way to me as I speak to get a replacement.... replacements can never really replace sentimental items tho can they?? I know it was cheap tat by my Britney Spears watch tho? To be tarnished by the London Underground in such a horrific manner? May it rest in peace...