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Wednesday, February 20

Last night I went to see Elizabeth Wurtzel doin a readin, mainly cos she is cute. ON publication I started readin Prozac Nation in an unfit state of mind and I'm pretty surprised I wasnt incarcerated after reading it... Thats when I figured you have to be in a pretty stable mind frame to read about the depths of hell other people go through. Needless to say I did give up half way through reading and have since never tried again. But she's still cute. And then the was Bitch which I read the first 2 sentences of and found it pretentious, a word i have never used bout anyone or anything, but maybe it was simply beyond my capabilities... yeah thats more like it.... so despite my lack of success with her work I went to see her, cos she's cute and was pleasantly surprised. After missioning thru the rain for hours on end trying to find the back street pub, anything would have been a pleasant surprise. But Miss Wurtzel was geniunely pleasing both to the ear and to the eye, well I think to the ear cos I kinda got caught up in the freaky starin thing that may have bordered on psychotic, but then she was very cute.... She was very amusing and once you got over the initial slightly annoyingness of her sqeuaky voice (a side effect of her drug days maybe) then it made for an enjoyable evening. And i realised she was more than cute, she was real pretty but less so under harsh lighting. I was that impressed by her new book (and the picture of her looking like Buffy on the cover) that I bought a copy and had it signed with my very own pink sparkley pen. This up close personal contact with Miss W gave me plenty of memories to take home to bed....