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Monday, March 11

This is just a small added extra because I wanted to share my appreciation of the American Chick with you, yes, again. I have had 2 emails from the wonder of beauty today and this coupled with Britney deciding she is to be my woman, has made my day so worthwhile. Today I felt like shit, not quite like a beefy turd, more like a slight spattering of skids, but shit nevertheless. American chick has made me forget the slouch socks and big tongued trainers that are all too popular in this place I have resided all my life and there may well be a smile sneaking across my puffy face. I keep thinking back to the day the pretty lady flashed her boobs at me and it still makes me blush and curse myself for not coppin’ a feel. I am very sad that I will no longer have the pleasure of ooglin her ass (beautiful btw) and everything else that just is American Chick. And to really show my gratitude for the view, here is some wonderful poetry dedicated to the one the only American Chick (part deux).

A Poem for Delectable D

Well foxy lady
How’s about it?

By The Fee