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Wednesday, March 13

Yesterday I failed to go to university once again. Am really beginning to set a trend. It was a rather sunny smiley day so I took a walk into town at the speed of a sauntering snail with nowhere to go. I set myself a target – if I were to get into town within the half hour I would go to uni. At that speed it wasn’t bloody likely.

So I found myself wandering into an old friend’s work and was delighted by his genuinely happy to see me reaction. Some people really do make you feel at home. I then coffee-ed with 2 other friends and took my first wander around the city centre that I had not laid my swollen eyes on in 6 weeks. The only 2 places to have sprung up in my absence were ‘Jimmy Chung’s’ (some Chinese chain with way too much fluorescent lighting) and Forbidden Planet (a glorified comic shop with an adequate stocking of Buffy merchandise). I was disappointed. No Diesel shops, no Buffalo Boots, not even an H&M in sight. And so there was only one thing left to do, hit the pub for a pre work pint with the old friend. It was great, I even got invites for drinks and a party, on consecutive nights so it was fab to be able to actually make an entry (or 2 even, this was a good day…) into my otherwise entryless diary.

And then came my first trip to my part time job. I was less than excited about the prospect of dressing myself in the customary red tee shirt after having been haning out in a cool publishing company doing things that didn’t involve speaking to customers, for 6 weeks. The evening was slow and passed without trauma. It will be an astoundingly slow 3 hours till I return there once again. How blessed am I? SO beyond very.

And that’s when it all went shit. Shit enough to make this the worst day of my life.

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