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Sunday, April 28

A few issues arose last night that I feel like casting up just now. In need of a good hangover rant I had to come share.

Firstly, what the hell are random ugly arse feelers about? These are people who would have no hope in hell of ever talking to you, let alone ever getting a legitimate chance to feel your cheeks so they walk around clubs copping a feel or tickling any bum in sight. I know the Beautiful Host also has an issue with this as some full on minger dived in for a rub and BH sounded off. The guy was offended at his bollocking, as though this beut had every right to feel any bum he wanted. It's my ass and if I want you to touch it I'll put a fuckin notice on it saying' hey come on over and squeeze me' but as it is, my ass remains my property. This rant is dedictaed mostly to the 'straight' guy who appeared to be in Castros alone and who would not leave me and me ass alone as he groped and pinched till there was bruising. I guess it was my own fault tho. Yeah cause I did smile at him once thinking he was a poof on his first outing. That's why I shouldn't even bother trying to be nice because what do i get in return? A bunch of slimy kisses and clammy hands making their way over my every inch. That's a lot of distance for one pair of hand. This rant also goes out to the other randoms who think it's funny to have a tickle on the way past and pretend it was their mate. At least I have the decency to admit my ass grabs.

Rant numero dos is dedicated to all the fag hags who seem to come to castros with the intention of fighting with real lesbians. Ok, faghags will always be a part of the gay scene, even in Aberdeen where the club can hold about 200 people and around 120 of these are fag hags who have their choice of any straight bar still come to castros to look 'glam', but does this mean they need to come every week and slag off the lesbians and start fights with them? No i don't think it does but they still do it. Every week I am glared at for no non reason, with sly comments made when I walk past and I know given the chance they'd take me outside and give me a good fisting. In their dreams. It's lesbians that are supposed to fight and here's these 'ladies' sitting pretty and talking like trash trying to take on any lesbian that swaggers through the door. It's all wrong. I mean imagine punching a dolled up straight girl? I'd be scraping the foundation from my knuckles for weeks and the stench of cheap perfume on my shirt would never wash out.

My final issue of the evening is gold. Why oh why does such a colour exist? I saw not one, not 2 but 3 fag hags strutting around in floaty gold outfits with bellies popping out. The light seemed to catch them at every angle to make everyone regret not having adhered to the theme night guidelines i.e wearing shades. It was real painful to watch and I may never be able to wear contacts. And gold jewellry, what's that all about? 'hey look at me, i got no money so i'm wearing a heap of massive gold chains to compensate for this'. Who cares about bling bling when these Mr T clones don't even have a sparkling wit to reflect their bad taste in attire/jewellry. It's cheap, it's nasty, it's flashy, it's shit. So please just stop it.

And my rants are over, for today at least. Off I go to nurse my beachball bruised face and think about revenge.