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Thursday, April 18

I just had the mother of all sandwiches. Well I did about 4 hours ago but the taste is still there, as are the stains. Picture this if you will, feel the flavour. One bit of toast, layer on marmite, place on 5 bits of red leicester cheese (organic always), liberally spread branston pickle, add around 5 slices of tomato (baby ones) and then smother in mayonaise hinted with mustard. Heaven. I have eaten more today than I have in a week and it's only lunchtime. I had this problem last thursday too. Thursdays are bad food days, or maybe it's a good thing that I have already intaken around 1000 calories. 1000 more to go and I'm eating properly again. Fuck.

It seems that I have been out quite a lot of late. you'd think I was already on my 5 month break from uni by the way i'm going. I have 2 more days of class left, 1 coursework and 1 exam. You'd at least think I could get all this out of the way before I drink myself into oblivion, or death. Not sure which one would be worst. For Miss Depressive 2002, I think I am doing rather well with the 'finding the fun' thing. I don't know why it needs to involve alcohol and excessive pukin cos that's surely not a good thing, nor a good look and defintely not a good smell. I am Pukey Fee. Nevertheless, pukes aside (which actually don't really bother me anymore, it's part of my daily routine) I am having fun and at least it makes me think less about serious stuff and gives me a mind for good stuff only, even if only for the 3 hours that I am actually drinking. Oh the depression is out in force. Cheery thoughts all round from this second on :-) Seriousness sucks, forget that game.