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Saturday, April 13

I just received the best surprise in the post. Due to an incident that occured around 3/4 years ago, Young B has been banned from contacting my house without my prior consent. I received a tex yesterday to tell me to expect mail. Naturally I was concerned that this would be intercepted and so I awoke not very bright but rather early to receive my mail. I was not disappointed. Inside this mini package there was the creme de la creme of all things I love. Young B had sent me a tie to borrow. this is no ordinary tie. I love ties and I love cord and I love glitter and I love pink. Imagine all four of these wonderful ingredients packed into one article? It's beautiful. There are no words to describe the lovelieness of this tie, but lovely will suffice for just now. Needless to say I will be wearing it tonight although I have been warned 'Do not puke on this pretty tie'. When I feel the urge to vomit I will remove said prettiness fear not Young B.

After contemplating a full cheese pizza on Thursday night I rejoiced in the fact that I thought my accidentally self induced starvation was all over. While the pizza was out of my financial budget I did eat nearly a whole meal, soup, complete with toast, a veggie spring roll (half of) and a fuit salad. I was quite pleased with myself. then I awoke in the morning and once again the feeling of rather barfing than eating was a prominent one. I wonder if my 16 hour headache has anything to do with my lack of nutrition. Iron tablets here I come.

As a non religious fashion follower I decided I was not really in a posistion to discuss trends but today after witnessing some real bad sights throughout the week I thought i would anyway.

Let's start with bad fashions that I pray will never return

Nasty Fashion

Tapered Jeans
Why oh why do people insist on such badly designed jeans? Not only do these ill fitting jeans emphasise the size of ones' arse but sit so tighly over the ankle of shoe that shoes look like an extra leg. These flatter no one.

Big Tongued Trainers
MC Hammer and 2 Unlimited went out a decade ago as should these shoes have. Who cares that you can pull the laces so tight to make the tongue look massive that walking is a definte problem. Big tongued shoes are an over compensation for small dicks ot tiny tits.

Spiral, acid, relaxed, none of these 'turds in hair' hairstyles are good looks. Get the straightners out.

I have never been a fan of these fire hazards after mine caught fire while dancing to 'Let the beat control your body'. They make stupid swishing noises and come in all colours of the rainbow (pref. all at once).

Heavy Coloured Eye Shadow
Who needs thick green eye shadow? Oh apart from the crazystalkerex of sparklecat who pulls it off as well as I pull of lycra

Slouch Socks
Anyone who counted the rolls per ankle will understand that the time consuming effort involved in a pair of socks is unnessecary

Crimped Hair
The only thing in this world made for crinkling was chips and crisps. the back combed look cloud look is wrong

Blue Jeans Arse (aka Mothers' Arse)
This is where the pockets of jeans at the rear, end about a metre before the actual arse, giving the appearance that there are four arses contained within the confines of the jeans, as opposed to just the one. If you gotta a small ass why make it look so huge, the way your mother does?

White Jeans
No one suits white jeans let's face it. It seems to be an issue of many a poof that to prove your gayness you must be seen in white. Please don't.

Fluffy Hair
This is a personal unfavourite of mine, as u may well know. Boys with your elevated fuzzy hair, sort it out.

As I have very little time in which to astound you wonderful readers with my remarkable taste in all things material, I will complete my list at a later date as bright red tee shirts and filthy customers call my name like the dogs they are. Come and see me and make my day all happy.

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