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Friday, April 26

Today I am doing the one thing I never thought I would. no i aint getting laid but I am babysitting. Well technically I am small child watching but even then I don't think it will require much observing from The Fee. This is THE only small child that I like. It has the mind of about a 12 year old and is even more intelligent than most of them put together. Add this with the fact that the child's mother is a complete hottie then you'll understand why I am doing this. This is Queen of Fun's cousin so that makes Queen of Fun's auntie one foxy lady. I don't even mind talking with this small child who's surprisingly tall for her 5 years but I will get to eat popcorn, jelly and watch kid movies (hoping we get a mary-kate and ashley vid...). maybe this kid will astound me with her ability to pull off better gymnastics than me, if the Queen of Fun will allow it of course. Oh and there is the added bonus that Mrs Hottie might be there long enough to make me blush and wonder how one family can have so have so much hottness between them.