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Wednesday, April 17

Feelin naughty? I'm just feelin myself...

Quote of the day: "The worst thing I've done in bed is a fanny fart." Good to know Caprice

Being drunk and not so disorderly on Monday night, I missed possibly the best TV programme to be screened this year. I mean having missed it I can’t say this for definite but from what the trailers revealed I was in for quite a good ride, plenty of puns intended. Of course for those of you who, like me, only have the joys of terrestrial television, to see such scandal[?] on normal TV is quite something else and more expected of Bravo or something else trashy and Cabel channelly. The programme I am wittering on about is of course ‘The Secret of Lesbian Sex’. Anyone else who saw the ads will be with me on this one. Actually I am lying. Now, I like a good bit of smut as much as the next fish breathed lady but this looked real pathetic. A TV programme on lesbians geared toward straight men. Yes, this still is 1952. No offensive all u curious straight men who hold lesbians as precious as u do your cocks but really, who cares what lesbians do in bed? I'm a lesbian and it doesn't even hold my pervy interest. If anyone wants to know what pussy punchers do in bed I’ll tell you. Don’t hold your breath (unless I burp and blow after said fishyness) for any excitement here though. In bed I:
sleep too much,
read just enough
watch buffy, hands above duvet
snore like a brute
throw up bile
dream bout people running me over
hug teddies (nope that's not a metaphor for anything more sinister)

It’s all very lacklustre. I’m sure the programme would have made for interesting viewing were I interested in how far one man lookalike can get her fist in places no fist should go. They didn't even have hot ladies advertising the prog. What's that about? Two mini man having a feel, nice one. I will watch the repeat.

Someone told me I looked good yesterday. The fact that this is someone who doesn't like me cause he wanted my girlfriend could mean that really he thinks I look shit and is a cheeky nob or it could mean that he was genuinely shocked about how hot Miss Me looked. I'll go with the latter, even though hangover breath and face are really not attractive. So yeah I guess he was lying.

I hope you have all noticed my 'guestbook' on the left hand side... Once again when lectures were supposed to be attended I rewarded myself, after 2 days of report/essay writing, by going over the score with my weblog. It would be smashin' if all you lovely people who are reading this would like to drop me a note, you can even change your name to something like Brenda or Simon. It would be real nice and would make for a very happy Britney Wannabe (oh type 'britney wannabe' in in google and I come out top...). And if the animated graphics have yet to bother your eyes and distract you from reading my weblog, don't worry, they will. And when this happens, tell me, I will add even more ;-)

Oh and the other day I was informed that I have to produce a website for my final piece of coursework. 'A ha' I thought out loud, i will submit my pretty weblog cause it demsonstrates a knowledge of html and has actual interactive features and fulfills the technical criteria. Somehow, however, I do not think I need my lecturers to be reading about my weekend antics and the lack of effort put into uni work. And after reading about trashwhore's experience of submitting coursework about oral sex I think too much censorship would be in order. Something boring it will have to be. For a boring bastardo like myself, that poses no threat.

Check back for more graphics... It's an obession. It's sad. I need friends.