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Friday, April 19

The booootiful Sheryl Crow, who is not me...

Today I feel lost. Not lost as in 'where am i going with my life' or any other deep bullshit that I aint so fond of, but lost because it has been 22 hours since I last caught glimpse of my mobile phone. I accidently left it at home and have not been able to retrieve it for a very long time. When I do eventually manage to collect it, there better be 'no space for new messages' and a queue of said messages as long as a straight boy's white trainers. How is it possible to become so attached to a fone and the messages that do or not come with it? ANother one of my obsessions that tell me I have no friends and need to find some real quick.

And so yesterday was a day not quite for death cos due to drinking excessive water on wed night i really wasn't that hungover. I was exceedingly tired and grouchy however and then Queen of Fun phones. She's had stressful day at work and she wants beer (cider to be precise, she is a lady of little taste [buds]. This may not seem like anything out of the ordinary for a regular working person but lil Queen of Fun is not big on alcohol or fun for that matter (just kiddin lil lady :-) ) and so this would be the day that she wants to go party and here's me, normally so willing to oblige her every whim, fully wrecked and lookin shit. What's a girl to do? Sit in the pub looking bored? Thats exactly what I did. If you'd have been in the company we were you'd have understood. Take one loud ginger with her fat pigs feet oozing out of her lady shoes, add 1 sleepy beer, mix well and then it's bed time. It would have made for an otherwise intersting night. I mean for the mere fact that Queen of Fun was even out was like a lesbian refusing minge, just amazing. I wish I had been able to share her unusual enthusiasm but we have promised ourselves much fun in the summer. There are going to be picnics, alcohol, sun and more to the point, 5 months of real fun.

For some reason I got a lot of male attention on Wednesday night. Men in kilts and men with their beer goggles on all wanting a bit of The Fee. One went to the lengths of knocking me flying just so he and his groups could talk to me while another blatently smashed my drink for the excuse of buying me another. Why? My straight mate Bouncy A (thanks slutwhoreprostituetart) told me I was 'hot'. As this has happened only twice in my life I relished the moment and almost did bad things to the boy to show my appreciation. Or possibly not. So I asked him why he came to this rather unlikely conclusion that I was 'hot'. He said I had a sherly crow thing going on for me. I will point out that NO, I do not look like Sherly Crow, my god that really would explain the attention but nope, while I may look birdie and Crow like (not in the weight stakes tho), I do not look like Sherly crow. She is very hot. He explained that I have her style thing on the go. Apparently. I think that's a good thing but not necessarily true. But like I say, flattery almost does get you everywhere.

Today I feel like many postings on here so i will post more later when I am not supposed to be at work.