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Saturday, April 20

well it's around the 8.20 pm mark and I'm sat here drinking coors lights (always one to watch the expanding once again figure), checking my weblog for any nasty messages and generally being sad (as in dull) when really I should be reflecting on he day just passed (sure...) and getting my party frock on for the party ahead. After 2 beers I am feeling already woozy and slightly more awake than I was not 15 minutes ago. I also ate an entire meal which brings todays total to 3 square meals ( choco cereal for brekkie, tin of sardone for lunch with all their goodness and a half a veggie curry just minutes ago). I think tonight will not be a night for much sickness. And so I go to actually get a life and go party. Let's hope for an evetful night, i have a feeling it will be.