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Monday, April 8

Quote of the day: “Any sport that combines dancing, gymnastics and short skirts is ok by me”

Money buys pretty things. In my hangover rotten breathed state myself and the Queen of Fun set of into town in search of shiny new things. Virgins were not on the agenda, for me at least. Discovering my meagre student loan was in the bank made shopping less windowy. This money is supposed to support me in London for another placement over the summer. Well, it’s either go on placement for 2 weeks or take a couple weekend trips away with my friends. I don’t think I will be going on placement this year. The only shiny thing I purchased was eye gel but I did complete my Buffy set by getting the last season five box set. And if there wasn’t enough eye candy in these 3 videos I had to buy Bring it On. I now have a new fixation. Cheerleaders. American of course. I cannot imagine a Cornish Cheerleader pulling off the same effect as she flings her leg over a paaaasty, no matter how pert her ass is and how generous her breasts are. Or imagine an Aberdonian cheerleader? “Give us an R, give us an A, a D, a G, an E, fit dis it spell? Fuck knows I’m Aberdonian”. Imagine the outfits. Boob tubes, slouch socks and no skirt, or pants. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. Split kippers thrust everywhere. And the hair would be fuzzy, badly conditioned and bleached with make up so thick their eyes would be painted on. What a pretty picture. But back to the film. Kirsten Dunst is always hot but of course the reason I purchased this video was Eliza Dushka (Faith from el Buff to those uneducated in the world of all things kickin hot ass). I was not disappointed. A girl with a swagger generally holds no appeal for me but Eliza was the ‘shit’. She could have an ass larger than her whole body and a twisted gammy leg and I would still love her. Cheerleaders were born to make me happy. Well that was Britney actually but she should share, there’s plenty of me to go around. I mean, all that leg kicks, bouncy hair and visible knickers, need I go on? One girl even got slipped a digit or two when held aloft, boy did her sweet face light up. Mine too. My hangover was cured and today I go in search of more pussy bulging pants not hidden under pointless skirts. Oh to be in America, again.

Thinking it was less breezy than it actually was I had a walk at the beach last night. Myself and Barbarella took a lover’s walk along the boulevard with him trying to take advantage of The Fee and slip her the tongue and a finger at every possible moment. Maybe not. It did almost feel romantic though, had he been my girl and had I been his boyfriend of course. We didn’t make it the length of the beach due to freezingness and nor did we get to write ‘homo sex rules’ in the sand as we normally do. Just to watch the old folks reciting it to their partners, and debating over what this actually means. Gives me a great deal of joy. Having a whole 20p in our possessions we split this 60:40 and had a shot on the 2p machines, trying to find the one that would give us most in return, just like the classy ladies that we really are. I feel the gambling addiction coming on…We then watched a big ride, this was thrilling for nobody. We waited in anticipation for people to fall into the middle of the spinning thing and go rolling across the floor, breaking bones and wind all in one go but it never happened. And so we left, feeling the oldest by at least 2 generations and out of place because we didn’t sport Ted Baker and brown belts. The question of a jog was brought up but on the realisation that more than just one of us may follow through with any sudden movements, we declined. And so it was off home to watch more Buffy and cry real tears cos it’s kinda sad. It’s amazing the affect TV programmes have on Little Miss Me.

As a final thought I will say that I have to go to Amsterdam. My bro just returned and indulged me in all the delights that he witnessed. All I wanna do is go and see the large bird with her legs spread, sat in a window munching on a cream bun. I know there is hope for me after all.

Today’s Likes

Easter holidays, meant for shopping
Pink Wallabes
Organic Tea
The morning after the night before
Hot girls doing the spilts

Today’s Dislikes

Easter holidays, meant for studying
Pretty days that feel so cold
Stock takes
Being too tired to party