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Monday, April 15

Quote of the day: "Even with a thong on your ass still hangs over the side of the bed." I don't get it. Someone explain it comprehensively to me.

One essay almost down, one more [report] to go. I finally begun the 'history of university presses' around 6.45pm last night. This was after I called everyone I knew to give them Saturday night's non gossip, ate half a tortilla, watched a bit of buffy and danced around like a hairy arse to my new CD. I finished it around 9.30. It reads like a sex manual: basic, easy to follow, matter of fact and with no pleasure involved for anyone. The word 'plagerism' also springs to mind. And so I should be starting essay numero deux which is a report, even worse, on the impact of digital technology on publishing houses. Wow, who cares? But, once again I find myself doing everything else but the actual work. Even toe pickin seems more appealing. Actually the best thing I did yesterday (jeez this is sad) was search google looking for my weblog. I found if I type in Aberdeen lesbo my site comes up top and even if I type in "queen of fun" I get a mention around numero 8. That is one lucky lady, having her name situted around royalty websites. Where's the fun in royalty? Plenty of 'funny' but not much fun. My favourite finding of this dullness was that if I type in Britney Spears lesbo my site comes up somewhere on the first page. Hmm, maybe that's why there have been some horny fuckers sending me wank mail, wanting to spear me. I need to get out more.

While arranging my 'nasty fashion' list the other day I came across some whoppers (not a word usually in a lesbian vocabulary) that I wished would make return back into the world of fashion. I would also like to point out at this point that some bay city rollered fringey bitch said my distressed denim dunlops look like they came out of the bin. Hello? I know they are a hygiene risk but come on, they are way cool. I didn't take this to heart when I caught a glimpse of her 1982 style DM brown boots. I think it's a medical condition. Speaking of which, I was informed on Saturday that a lil lady who is as good as flawless, almost had to wear a 'heavy' shoe cos she had one leg longer than the other. Imagine that. Looking as beautiful as she does with her hot ass and everything and she's clobbering around in an orthapedic shoe? Clear the way, foxy lady and wooden foot coming through. Guaranteed dance floor space not to mention a deadly weapon. 'Fuck you or I'll batter you with my fat shoe'. And so here's my list of stuff I wanna wear all over again.

Fashion: The Sequel

Hec Tic Toc Shoes
For anyone who doesn't remember these fashions musts, they were shoes with clocks on them. Not only very handy if u needed to know the time and are double jointed but also make a good imprint on people's faces. Wonderful

Leg Warmers
These did make a return for about a day. Not long enough for the trend to re catch on but I thought they were wonderful. They went good over my cords but did make for a sweaty evening.

Ear Muffs
These also kinda came back for one day of snow. I think they are fuckin' stupid but the name always pleases.

These were kinda like balaclavas that sat around your neck in major ruffles and you could pull them over your head to keep your ears and head and entire body warm. Sensible.

Crotchless Pants
These should be worn by all hot chicks, esp. the ones that highkick

Ra-Ra Skirts
Naughty pants couples with these cheerleader esque skirts are an essential for any lady with a nice set of pins/lips

Hyper Globic Tee Shirts
Let's face it, any tee shirts that change colour due to body temperature which leave leave massive breast imprints in blue while the rest of the tee is white, is a real good thing. A cause of embarrassment for some, enjoyment only for me.

Shoulder Pads
While these really should be on the 'nasty fashion' list, anything that makes your waist look thin is winning plus points with me. Alexis Colby has nothing on me.

Leather Trousers
I haven't seen a hottie in leather in a long time so if any sexy young thangs are reading this, do me a favour, invest in leathers. I like the way they make people all moist between the thighs... I pretend that it was me that induced this excitement in straight girls, not the trousers chaffing away.

Checked Trousers - Pyjama Style
These trousers coupled with a little tee or vest are very very hot and girsl should wear these more, for my pleasure. I don't see enough chicks in pyjamas that's why they must wear them as an outdoor outfit.

Boys in Cardies
If girls must look like their grannies in cardies, so should boys.

Mo Hair
Anything that itches the skin that is not sexually transmitted has to be a good thing.

And as I ponder over the other items in my wardrobe that I would like to make a reappearance (I draw the line at jeans with pictures on them however) I will go and then contemplate that thing called report writing.

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Today's Likes

People hotter than you that think you look good
The Glitter that is everywhere
Orthapedic Shoes
6 days til the weekend
Freak like me

Today's Dislikes

Unknown Itchniess caused by neither STDs or mo hair,
No Muff Club tonight
Chubs hangin over ma jeans
Samantha Mumba
Toenails that rip your socks