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Friday, April 12

Quote of the Day: "Glitterqueer has a tendency to ramble like an old man recounting his war stories, but is lots more entertaining. Today’s rant is especially good." Says Mr Trashwhore

Yesterday I experienced the best hour and a half of my life. It's an hour and a half that I'm quite happy not to be able to get back and its an hour and a half that I will repeat, very soon. I went to see Crossroads last night. I mean I can't believe it took me 13 days since its release to actually go and see it but that's what happens when your mates prefer drinking and ET. It's not that I don't enjoy these activities, I mean clearly alcohol is a major part of my life rigt now, it's just Britney is priority number one for me, always. So Queen of Fun gave in and sat and yawned throughout the trailers and asked how long it still had to go. And then she was there. Britney Spears singing Madonna in her small underwear which revealed she has a shmuff (shaven muff) and a tiny pretty bulge. As my jaw hit the floor faster than I could yell 'pubeless wonder' Queen of Fun decided she had changed her mind, she was now officially glad she came, not to mention moist to the touch. I asked her to pass over her vibrating phone to keep me happy but she had already put it to use herself. We even sat near the back of the cinema so I could look down Britney's tops. Not that I needed to, there was plenty of cleavage flashed around for everyone to share. The rest of the film was ok, the curly olivia newton john gone wrong hair was the worst thing about the whole thing but the miniture denim skirt she wore more than compensated for that. There were some diabolically cheesey moments, such as the poetry but who cares about stuff like that when Britney is shakin' her ass cheeks around, beckoning me to grope her? My 'oh my godding' got very loud and Queen of Fun had to hush me many a time but I was so overcome with many an emotion that I really was in heaven. Wow baby. And her best look was the hair tied up, yellow tee and grey baggy track pants. Really. I love her.

And so it is Friday, another week gone by, my easter holidays are over and what have I accomplished? I got drunk, danced to eighties music til 6.30am, bought pretty things, saw my honey on the big screen and more importantly, did no work. I have not started either of these 2 essays due in on Tuesday and its now I start to panic. I am working tomorrow so i guess I will got to uni on sunday to do essay numero 1 and then essay numero deux all day monday. In some strange bizarro world that I live in I even thought I may make it to the Muff Club on Monday night. With a hand in time of 1pm Tues? I really think Muff will have to survive without the presense of the illustrious Fee for one day. I will be going out on saturday night though. Beautiful Boy has a beautiful boyfriend, currently residing in France and as he is home for the weekend, I owe it to the Beautiful People to party, til at least 1am. And off I go to fantasise more about my baby who gives me so much pleasure. I will also go think about Britney.

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