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Saturday, April 27

Quote of the day: "I'm copywritten so don't copy me" Miss E

Hurrah! I survived my experience of small child watching. The newly turned 5 year old who is "super at talking and eating" to quote the mini adult herself, made sure I was beautified and knackered within 10 minutes. Because Queen of Fun is evil personified she thought it would be damn funny to buy a gloopy make up set for small child which did closely resemble paint. I had lipstick in places make up should never go and I know I will be picking it out of my once light coloured eyebrows for at least 2 months. I just hope the blotcheyness goes before I go out tonight. I thought I'd as good as scrubbed it off till I got in the taxi and the driver enquired as to whether I'd had a 'wild night'. Well he did pick me up around the harbour area. But Queen of Fun did look like something out of the Moulin Rouge only more whorish and far more skankier. As Queen of Fun burnt body parts with flying popcorn kernels, myself and small child tore around the living room playing tag and throwing stuff. That kid packs a mean punch btw. Kid watching gave me all the excuse I needed to fill every orifice with popcorn, sweets, biscuits and milkshake. So much so in fact that the small child threw a tantrum cause the fat adult had eaten 3 bowls of popcorn, including all of hers. I managed to sit through my first Disney film and even came away smiling, probably cause it was finished. I protested heavily when Disney part deux came on and sneakily fast forwarded it so all we saw was the last 10 minutes. And I never got to see hot auntie. When the buzzer went I did do a sprint for the stairs only to be chased by Queen of Fun and I gave up once she shoulder barged me out of the way with her small bulk. Damn those hot bitches. So with small child in sparkely pyjamas I was jealous of and Queen of Fun looking more like Queen of the Damned, home was the only place for me, to try and sleep off this popcorn induced indigestion, trying in vain to avoid the revisit because of the known bad consistency of popcorn.

And so I am on detox. Physical detox this time around. Not that I’ve had enough of the smiling at strangers cause that’s always fun and even more so when someone gives you a great big grin and you know they are on the ‘mind detox’ also but because I’m wrecked. After waking up on Tuesday and being in no fit state to converse and do much aside form look homeless, I decided to forego alcohol for awhile. I have had no alcohol and no cigarettes for 5 days now and am feeling all good about it. I know that IF I venture out tonight there will be alcohol involved but I am done with the double strength hangovers I get when I smoke a pack of 20 so no more smokes. I also thought I’d try drinking only water and freshly squeezed orange juice and so far, apart from a slight coke and milkshake lapse yesterday I think I am doing pretty well. Food wise I should be eating no sugar and no dairy. With the amount of cheese strings I have guzzled since Monday I guess this hasn’t worked. Mind you, the amount of actual cheese contained in cheese strings is rather limited. The are rather flavourless but there is something satisfying about peeling them apart but I guess they must gather a great deal of germs with grubby fingers continually pawing at them. And as for sugar, well I ate so much sugar last nite that I have yet to sleep. Maybe I will begin again tomorrow when alcohol is no longer beckoning me and I will be able to dedicate more of time to perfecting my detox and possibly my weight which has ballooned once again.

Today’s Likes

Percy Pigs, damn you pigs for teasing me so
Nice texts
Days off, every day is one of these for me
New shirts

Today’s Dislikes

Summer colds, don’t do contradictions
Slander, it’s all wrong
People singing at 8am
Sugar highs
Smelly hair