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Sunday, April 21

Well what can I say about my new fav epsidoe of Buffy... It's taken me awhile to see this one but it was worth the wait (oh if only I had trashy cable TV). Musical Buffy. Hilarious. Random bursts into song with bad voices and stupid words it was highly intelligently done and made for the best hangover cure I have discovered since not drinking at all. Anya with her silly ways and pointless statements was by far the best with a particular outburst regarding demon bunnies being the funniest. tara looked real hot with a voice to match. If you haven't seen this, whether u watch Buffy or not, you really should check it out, be prepared to stiffle your giggles or just let it all go and crease up with laughter til you die. What a way to go.

Today I shamefully have to admit I bought a real sad mucho pathetico album. I don't know how I have the balls to even talk about this but it's something I have to get out of my alcohol filled system. I'm blaming the hangover and the cheapness of such a purchase but really, is there even a need to buy Westlife? No as I discovered. I even had the cheek to buy it from a cool independent record store and wonder why it was literally thrown in my direction with no 'please' or 'thank you', just a look that said 'get the fuck outta here kid'. Last nite while sat in Illicit Still, westlife were blasting out and with the bad chair dancing it brought on, not to mention mucho finger clicking and hair swinging, I knew I had no option. I need to buy summit cool tomorrow to make myself feel less like a teeny bopper with a poof fixation. I will buy Tiffany.

and so I go to bed, having had a hissy fit at one person and having bored about another 7 with my hungover woes and moans. Need sleep.