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Thursday, April 25

What is it about Aberdeen (places in general?) that if the sun comes out, the bad skirts and pedal pushers also make an unwanted appearance? Myself and tryhardloser and sparklecat contemplated this after spectating many a hideous sight as we tried to avoid university food poisoning by eating the safe sandwich option. Every second person was decked out in shit skirts or ¾ length trousers which made for many a bad bum. All the skirts did nothing for anyone’s calves. Justice was done for no ankles either so why bother? What difference does it make to the good of your health to flash a little ankle in summer? If your ankles are fully covered will you perspire more and require the usage of anit perspirant around the ankle area? I think not so why swan around with fat ankles for the sake of a breeze around calf? We saw misshapen skirts, floral granny print skirts and brown tweed goddamn. Buy nice skirts ladies. Please. Pedal pushers what are they all about? No one has ever explained these cropped leggings to me and I don’t think I will ever understand the point. I guess ¾ length trousers aint as bad as pedal pushers as at least there is room for fanny to breath in ¾ lengths. Still, very unflattering around the ass area so really, don’t do it. Normally I love summer. Pretty much because pretty people are scantily clad. However, for every half nude hottie there is always about 15 uggers who should remain indoors until the sun goes and they can come back out in their parkers and balaclavas. I am one of these people but thankfully because I am considerate, I have various items of clothing off the agenda for ever. I don’t do sleeveless because while, like cellulite, bingo wings (flabby upper arms) are a major part of life for most, mine’s shake without even touching them so to free them of material would be torture for anyone around me as they would get knocked from side to side like a weeble. I never do shorts. Not only cause it would mean having to partake in the activity that is shaving legs regularly but because fat legs all over are my forte and no one needs to see that. This also rules out ¾ length trousers (chubby ankles) thankfully. Sometimes I do tee shirts. Usually floor length and revealing nothing. The only real skin showing I do is facial and even that’s only when my all over body suit and helmet is being dry cleaned. I have been known to wear flip flops (trendy with jeans you know) and thankfully I grew out of hairy toes syndrome when I was 19. Apart from the fact that I nearly die of heat suffocation every year due to the amount of clothes I wear I still love it. Even though no one loves a sweaty Fee in all her layers (of clothes and chubs) but hey, at least I can still check out the beautiful people who are quite entitled to wear very little. Shallow? Well yes sometimes I am. Jealous? Well yes most times I am.

I got one of my courseworks back yesterday and it made me wonder why I even bothered doing it. And then I remembered I didn’t exactly bother doing it. It was begun and finished during about 17 hangovers and within the space of 7 hours. I really did deserve to fail. The fact that it was the ‘worst piece of work’ I have ever dared hand in, in my 3 years of doing this course made me feel ok about still passing it, just. I feel my first resits coming on and I do not relish my summer being overrun with uni work. Pah.

Oh I am very excited, somebody who has looked at my site has translated it into Spanish! In it’s entirety. It’s very exciting. If anyone has any knowledge of gaelic (bad scots dialect that doenst translate ‘tescos’ and ‘sainsburys’ and makes for much amusement) then please, translate my site :-) Someone cares enough to read my site in Spanish, yay! Might not sleep tonight. Gracias senorita/senora/senor.

Me in Espanol!