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Tuesday, April 30

Yesterday I had a tough decision to make. It was either a choice between going drinking with Beautiful Boy and Luscious L, who’s drinking to forget his police cell nightmare, or to go online and ‘chat’ to Holly Valance aka Flick from Neighbours on aol. For some reason, being the obsessive that I am, I decided to give up the chance of a much needed fun night and sit at my computer, waiting with baited breath for Holly to answer my questions. I’m not convinced she was even there. I know she couldn’t read the questions off the screen as we had to submit questions previously because as you can imagine there were like thousands of people trying to chat at once. I guess that’s censorship but fair enough cause people were offering ‘fucks’ and generally being abusive. I know it defo weren’t she who ‘ummed’ and ‘hmmmed’ to every question but if it really were her typing, like Mr Soho suggested, she really does need to invest in a typing tutor. There was like a good 10 minutes break between each shit question. You can tell these people would do well in the world of journalism, “hi holly, what’s better, singing or acting?” [acting] “what would you take on a desert island”[fee, no her boyfriend] “Do you like Kylie”[yes] and obviously “were you embarrassed making your video?” [no cos I wasn’t completely naked] STOP ruining my fantasy, you were naked. It was after she failed to answer my question of ‘will you flick my fanny’ that I signed off (actually I got booted 2 minutes to the end so she may well have answered it…) That was a waste of beer drinking time I tell you. I’m glad I didn’t bother doing the Mary-Kate and Ashley one. Up next is Helen from last year’s Big Brother. Who?