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Monday, April 22

Yesterday I saw the longest bum in the world. It began around the shoulder blades and finished somewhere around the back of calves. It seemed to go on forever. It was encased within the confines of blue tapered jeans and was there an official 'blue jeans ass aka mothers ass'. Pretty.

After my meagre sleep from sat to sun I went off to meet Young B who was up equally early and feeling equally as rough as me. No she was worse. I met her about 20 minutes after she had a ribena spew and whereas I had no spew. I should really have had a bet on about that btw. And so we walked listlessly around shops searching for nothin in particular and not even really browsing, not having the actual mental power to do so. We headed to Slains in order to tempt Young B with melted cheese and other such hangover wonderments. Two hours, 4 Irn Brus and 1 water later we managed to successfully consume pepper dusted fries (a recommendation btw) over about the course of an hour. Hangover's not cured we had to go to Marks and Spencers, the smell of the Bakery can perk anyone up. And back to the pub for much lattes and mochas (without the chocolate so technically just a coffee). We were beginning to awaken as Beautiful Boy walks in looking all pretty and hangover free. Enter said long arse and enter much amusement. Finishing off the coffees we headed for Siberia/Vodka bar in search of pints for Beautiful Boy and please no more liquid for the bloated Fee and Young B. You'd think by this time it would be at least 9pm but no, it was approaching only 5pm and so I left in order to fulfill some family duties which I wanted to do.

My social skills however were severly limited and I made my excuses around 7pm in favour of no thought involved TV/videos. I had to watch 'if these walls could talk 2' again for Chloe Sevigny ('ouch') looking hot as a mini gentleman and jen from dawson's Creek lookin shaggy haired and shaggable.

Muchness butchness, not usually my kinda thang but hot as hotness nevertheless

I aimed bedward pre 10pm but was still awake at 12 and woke up in bursts throughout the night to finally get up about 9am feeling shaky and dead and with growing pains in my legs. I should have stopped growing (upwards) about 4 years ago so I guess it's simple fatigue.

And today I have no uni (public holiday) so will be hanging out with Young B before she takes off back to the better place of Glasgow. I'm surprised she has lasted this long and hasn't snuck off on an earlier train to be honest but we will have some fun, with possibly more interaction in doing 'fun' this time, while yesterday was spent slumped in various pubs drinking various non alcoholic drinks with minimal physical movement.