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Friday, May 3

Bums, bottoms, asses, arses, wibbly cheeks, what is the point? If the sole purpose of a bum is to make sitting comfortable then I would rather stand up all day or lie flat out on my face. Asses can look hot in the right pair of jeans but for a couple hours of hotness, are bums really worth the bother? They cause so much grief, as well as causing so many people like my wicked self, great hilarity but when a bum looks bad, it's looks real bad. And when you know your ass looks shit (no pun intended)then you have to deal with this for often a whole day at a time. When you look in the mirror, sometimes your ass talks to you, tells you it looks real good and it aint till you are shaking your numerous layers of chubby arse down the street that you realised it lied. It was mocking you, how could you have believed that your ass in jeans with no pockets could look in anyway hot? If someone asks you if their ass looks big in something, mostly it does. It's hard to tell people this cos really it's the last thing they need to hear, not only has john dumped them and fucked their best mate and taken the kids and the dog but on top of all this emotional turmoil, their ass looks like the size of Gibraltor. Why did the human inventor create such an ugly looking poopin device? I would so prefer the varicus veins in my legs from standing up too long than suffer this monster ass if I had the choice. Asses are all wrong and very often misshapen and have the ability to make you walk like a duck, a lopsided hunchback or like a whore with 8 butt plugs wedged up there. God was a man, and a very cruel one at that.