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Friday, May 10

Don't you just hate those people who when offered food always say 'yes' and take about your whole packet of whatever you happen to be eating? Don't you just abhore those folk that never share their own food but demand you share yours? When on the off chance that they do offer you a crisp, A crisp is exactly that, 1 lowly crisp and they grip the bottom of the bag with their full strength so you only get half a bit of salt. They also will give you only 1 tic tac and if by accident two fall out they will put the other back in the shaker but gladly help themselves to your whole packet of starburst, making sure they take out the best colours first. I hate these greedy arses who think that because someone they work with bought great flavoured crisps (sea salt and cracked pepper for example) that they, non crisp purchaser, own more than half the bag. Polite people refuse when offered the 10th time, when the bag is down to the utter smush that wet fingers have pawed at but no, these people just take and take and take like it's their perogative to do so, like they are so important that they deserve to devour everybody elses food as well as their own without any please or any thank you. Fuck, I hate these bastards. Fuck, I am one of these bastards.