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Wednesday, May 15

I just wanna draw your attention to a couple of new links i have added. You have to be pretty special to get a link on my page so my tow new links are just that. Under the 'cool links' section you will find a 'finer feelings' banner which has pretty pictures of a pretty lady hanging out in the background. This lil lady is infact mizz kylie minogue (i had to squish the banner so it would fit and now it looks kinda mangled, sorry) and it links to a cool site designed and run by a lovely guy from Aberdeen, don't hold it against him tho as rumour has it he was born in Malta so that makes it all better, anyway you should check it out. Also, I have a new blog linked to and this is also by a lowly Aberdeonian who really aint so lowly and is actually cool so you should also read this blog, it's the spangle one. I have also added some pop up text on most pictures cos the wonderful kylie kat showed me how. yes I get bored easily.