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Thursday, May 16

I've had a great week. My lack of blog entries should tell you that for once I have been a) too busy for fun to blog and b) lacking in motivation to write a decent blog (when did I ever write a decent blog i hear you cry). And you thought I had no other life other than bloglife but aha, I have proved you and myself wrong. Anyway, everyday has been eventful for The Fee, in one way or another but still not enough to make this weblog an interesting read. I was supposed to return with 'Tales from the sand dunes' the other day but think I got sidetracked with beer and no pizza and pretty ladies. Shock. Now my tales from the sand dunes will seem listless and ungay but really it was the best day out. I met Big Boy A and Straight Man A kinda early and we cruised to the Bloodhound gang and headed pier and beach wise. We ended up in Balmedie and cavorted not nude in the sand, throwing ourselves into forward rolls and nonsensical tumblings. These were the cause of much pain and thankfully the glasses remained in one piece. Big Boy A went beserk and went for multiple backward rolls for everyone to get a view of manly crack. Of course, being a lesbian I have seen plenty of this in my time and so it came as no surprise. We captured these on film and I hope to bring you these courtesy of someone else's scanner. I think it's about time you got to see The Fee in real life just so you will be sorely disappointed with the results and you will realise I lied to you when I made out I was sometimes (twice) quite hot. Yeah so I made that up. Anyway, thinking about myself again and as always and I have broken my own stride the way I broke my own hymen when I slipped into the splits for the first time aged 10. We really did frolick in the sand and spiky grass with no sex which now that I think about it, was really missing from our day of silliness. The boys braved the foreezing water while i stood by with camera, (really hoping to catch a glimpse of shrivelled nob) afraid that if I were to enter the sea then the seaweed would catch on my leg hair. I did remove socks and shoes and was heavily relieved that I shaved my toes that day, if nothing else. After the boys were waist deep in with their jeans growing longer by the second we finished off the spool and some collected shells, yes you so are another borderline case Big Boy A. I headed for work with sand in my nose and in my gum and awoke in the morning with a real eel slipping around in my sandy crack which has been itchy ever since. The sand will never come free of my armpit hair however. Well and truly tangled. Oh how I love my friends and their ability to have silly fun. I can't wait for real summer and real sunshine so I can get my cossie out and take a dip in any available expanse of water. Fuck that's a sight to never see and one that even my bath rarely sees.

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