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Thursday, May 23

Let's discuss nail etiquette. Well, it can hardly be a full on discussion with only one opinion but let me express my nail rage freely. Now, I aint talking about metal nails that you shove in walls or in arms when angry but in this instance I'm gabbing about bodily nails, finger and toe and if any of you have any other nails then please, I don't wanna know, keep your mutant diseases to your self, I mean to I tell you all about my extra 3 lips? No. Now, why is it that long finger nails are all ladylike and pretty and can be painted up all kinds of colours and are the focus of much attention but if you grow your toe nails past the top of toe then you are a gruesome bastard? Why is it ok for sparkley finger nails to grow to the length of a small nob but it's all wrong to have your toe nails curl over your toes? I'm not trying to make a case for long toe nails cause I have a set of ten sturdy jobbies growing off the edge of my feet cause yeah, I think it's gross too but really, if you think about it it seems kinda unfair that people are not free to extend their porky feet nails to a length beyond about half a centimeter. I just feel a bit bad for toe nails is all. Finger nails snap religiously but toe nails are strong and could hold your tea and cake on or in them. Now I realise that long toe nails are uncomfortable and are uneconomical due to the amount of socks that get fucked but hows about in the summer when flip flops make a welcome return? Would it be so wrong to get your curly nails out and leave a scuff mark with every step? Yes it probably would be all wrong but I think I may give it a go, all in the name of research of course, to see what reaction I get and how much carpet and shite I can get wedged under my mammoth nails of steel. I do appreciate that long toe nails would hold no function because let's face it, unless you are double jointed then you can't really use them for the purpose of picking your nose which is as good as all I use mine for or maybe picking burger out of teeth but I don't think I would fancy that with toe nails which come with a dose of cheese all on their own, withou the added etxras of my mcdonalds. Imagine long toe nails were a definite trendy thing to have? Special shoes would have to be designed to accomodate these nasty nails, shoes that turn up the way already exist so it would not take much adapting of existing fashion. So come on people, friends of the fiendish long toe nails unite, let's get these bad boys into society and give them the cult status they so deserve and ditch the stretched finger nails which are so unlesbian friendly and are handy only for tough boogers.