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Friday, May 17

Oh what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day. Actually it's kinda misty and rather cold but I feel brilliant. I'm not exactly sure what the uprise in my mood has been over the past couple of days but I wont knock it and go with the happy thoughts. I haven't yet told you about my day of 'drinking' on wednesday have I? It's cos it was so good I didn't want to spoil it by writing about it, or something more to the effect of I just haven't had the time. I met my bud Straight Man A for a spot of lunch and stalking. We pulled off the lunch part semi well although after our vodka bar skewers we were about as full as Vanesa Fletz after 4 pies, 2 cream cakes and a gallon of ice cream (ie not at all) but the pint that accompanied the lunch detracted our attention from this painful hunger we were still enduring. We decided to play the stalking game but after circling the city centre a good 4 times we could not find a target interesting enough to care about so there was that game off the agenda and to be resumed at a later date. With shite all shops of interest in Aberdeen, being a sunny day, there was only one alternative. The pub. We wanted a balcony that faced sun ward and the only one we could find to get a decent seat on was in Chi which over looks most of the shops in the Academy. Being the only people sat here made us look like we playing an unintentional game of stalking and my paranoia led us to leave after one drink after people started waving at us from various shop windows. Busted. We collected a slut on our way and went Triple Kirks ward for more outside chilly drinking. Slut went home to change and myself and Straight Man A moved onto Vodka Bar where the foxy one was working and looking as foxy ever but that goes without saying. Oh her sister turned up later and was equally hot but that's another story. We were joined by a couple of Pier girlies (one of which I had previously met and is a lesbian after all, sorry)who shall be called GirlieA and GirlieK cause my mind is not functioning in 'nickname' mode today. I think I had 4 pints by 6pm and had already begun on the water. Fuck me it's all so wrong although I know that Straight Man A kept up as well as I did, oh i love that boy. Enter J Bo and Mad A for ther usual hilarity and of course Luscious L had to cause 43 scenes too many and fought with everyone in the place, tried far too hard to watch me pee and may have been thrown out for being a way out of order. After water number 32 I was feeling waterlogged and 'tired and emotional' and the remaining hardened [water] drinkers headed Revolution ward to hang on the balcony with the slut who had returned all glammed (well I think she did, my memory is now partial as it was 2 days ago). There was much debate over Lava or The Priory and Lava it was. I wish now the Priory had gotten my vote as Lava (as I should have remembered form sunday) was dire. It was supposed to be 'retro night' and with the amount of bad skirts, hairbands and croppped jackets I saw it really should have been but the only song i even had the faintest interest in dancing to was Thriller where J bo did her usual 'what on earth' dancing as I tried to recreate the zombie moves. *Mental Note* never try and use these so called dance moves to impress anyone ever again Miss Fee, you looked like a vibrating turd. The rest of the evening went way to quickly and I was far too reluctant to go home, even in the pouring rain which made my hair look not unlike crystal from crystal tips and alistair only without the blue rinse. The word mushroom also springs to mind.

I went home and tried to sleep but with all the gallons of water I consumed, my 4 hour sleep was only around 2 hours with all the toilet stops that came in between. I was wrecked all day yesterday but for lunch I went home, cranked up the 'Flashdance' (it's been a while) and let it all go. It was hard hard work but boy did I feel good and forgot about the thing called lunch which is always a bonus in my book. Anything/anyone that can take my mind off cheese and all food substances is worth everything to me.