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Friday, May 3

There was definitely no flash and certainly no dance this morning. After 12 hours of not quite solid drinking I was feeling many after effects. The day of drinking Hooch by the pint began in the skanky union with 15 out of the 19 classmates being in attendance. Very impressive. The numbers diminished and by 5pm there were 7 of us left. The slut left to go buy books leaving our suspected 'threesome' to a meagre twosome of myself and straight man a. So with the impossiblity of said threesome, probably luckily for all involved, we took to Triple Kriks where some did the food thing and some hung on for the hopeful enrtance of Queen of Fun who really did take pity on Miss Me and came out for excitement that is my uni nights out. It was in the Aberdeen Union that I threw up my veggie burger in clumps of that could have resembled turd and could feel the burger warmth in my throat for a good three hours afterwards. I had consumed by this point, 3 pints of hooch, 1 blue wicked and 1 pint and mulitiple glasses of infested tap water. And still i chuck my guts up and most of the contents in them. Very curious. I'd like to say it was around this time that I got rowdy but I think my rowdieness had subsided by this point and I was rather tired. Still, I managed to pass on many shag bands with the prospect of no shags and go dancing with the the 3 others who had made it this far. By this point we had acquired 2 unknown ladies who seemed swell although my ability to talk to strangers at the point was non existant. I heard that one was a lesbian but I think that was a lie to get me to to make an ass of myself, as is the usual. It was a real good evening and i only cried once and that was when I realised I was a bloater again. I didn't cry when slut kinda informed me of something I already knew, that really I am not a nice person. I would love to blame it on the one pint of hooch I'd had by that point but let's face it, i'm a dawg. I was rude and obnoxious to the canteen lady who then concocted my chilli cheese baguette with extra gob. And then I said slut had fat feet but really if I thought she had fat feet i wouldnt have been pointing it out. You have slender feet slut. I like to dress my mean streak up as 'insecurity' but I really shouldn't make excuses for being a nasty bastardo, I just am wicked. None of it's intentional I'm quite sure and maybe it would be ok were I not so loud mouthed so that everyone I 'observe' doing bad fashion/hair/face hears and wants to give me a good battering. Last night I confessed my love for straight man a to anybody that would listen. Sorry straight man a if my overpoweringness was too much for you but thanks for the dance to Kiss Kiss and thanks for introducing me to the wonderful world of leaning. It suits you real well. It suits you as well as you suit pink, which is strangely well. I still would not say you were a borderline homosexual despite how well you carry of pink and despite your s club 6 obsession. Or the Darius one for that matter. And off I go to to think of something interesting to talk about.

And Queen of Fun has a new name: hotfoxypurrsomesexygorgeouscutebabe-
attractivebeautifulprettyqueenoffun How's that suit?

Listening to: "too many DJs" soulwax, a must have

Today's Likes

My weekend is approaching
People who are honest
Attention seekers, again
Pretty people
Prospect of picnics

Today's Dislikes

Me being a psycho
Stupid scars
My feet
Non replies to texts, in days
Loose pubes in sandwiches