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Friday, June 7

I got my gum pierced yesterday. You know the bit of stretchy skin under the upper lip? Well that bit. I've heard it being called a lip web before which I kinda like. I had it done for a good 3 years and one day I felt the tiny hoop banging off my teeth in a disturbing fashion and it just kinda snapped off. That was pretty icky not to mention stupid looking as every time I grinned I looked like a circus show freak with this bit of metal hanging over my bottom lip. I remembered it being my least painful piercing and as my mate was getting his frenulum (under the tongue) done I wanted one too. I wanted the same one but an ulcer in that exact position ensured this was not an option. As I had eaten minimally pre piercing I thought a major ear or nipple piercing would cause a passing out spell so went for the 'tame' option. Fucker. Beautiful Boy's Beautiful Twin was up for the same one as me but I sneaked in before him and once he saw the colour drain from my face and my entire lip being yarked out about a metre he woosed out. If you could see how butch this guy is you'll know how sore this piercing looked. This boy is butcher than Pat Butcher with skin head and non floral ear rings to match. I wish I had a picture of my lip with this huge fuck off needle just sitting through it though, it looked kinda cool and I would not have looked out of place in African regalia I tell you. I haven't decided whether it was worth it or not yet. I got a little pink hoop in it which is cute but I have one fat lip (oh how I am partial to a fat lip or two) and it makes my smile look slightly gammy, or maybe it was gammy before and I just never noticed. I will keep it in for a couple weeks and see if it either grows on me or grows out. And I do hope that people I know stop threatening to copy it cause it fucks me off, get an idea of your own for once. It's been so long since I had a piercing that I had even contemplated giving blood cause I'm sure I would be eligble now, well not NOW obviously which is ok and I'm sure someone will live without the blood of The Fee. I had even considered removing every inch of metal that I had shoved in my every orifice, feeling the piercing thing was over and done with but then here I am sitting in a chair, crapping myself with a strange man prodding around in my mouth. Not an experience The Fee is used to. I love to get pierced. I consider myself a non risk taker, someone who doesn't do fair ground rides, doesn't go to foreign places for fear of heat stroke and someone who definitely does not take drugs incase of future repercussions. Basically I'm an all round dull girl so piercing is the only adrenaline rush I ever put myself through and it's one that I love. It's not that I'm a pain freak or anything, I mean the pain is oddly good but it's the build up to the pain that's the best thing because no matter how many piercings I have had, it always hurts far worse than I remember. It's all worth it though, mostly. I have had various things pierced, my favourite (apart from the original gum piercing) was my neck. I had it done twice, on either side, one grew out the other got wrenched out which was pretty fuckin sore but did leave a real good scar. My mother loved that one... as much as she loves the idea of a lesbian daughter. My worst piercing was my nose which I had done for a good year and a half. I did it out of spite as my parents had an issue about it so instead of sporting a tiny little stud I opted for a fuck off bull ring through my nostril. I actually thought, aside from the yellow pus that oozed out daily, that it was cool and it was only after I took my mother of all shiny hoops out that my mates told me how stupid it looked and how it ruined many a photo. Cheers guys. I also wondered at the time why I was single for so long, now it becomes apparent that people were scared to stand within 2 sq metres of me for fear of catching their mo hair jumpers on my jumbo hoop which many played acrobats with, swinging monkey style from side to side. I am a classy lady.

I wrote this stupid blog entry yesterday and thought it had published but clearly had not and so it's kinda partial but I really can't be arsed to remember what I wrote or to re write it so will talk more metal and ear foost another day.