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Thursday, July 4

Slagging of the day: 'men are bacteria on legs' says a belurussian

My energy levels have been kinda depleted this week. I think it's due to a lack of beer and i'm possibly on an anticlimax because of not being able to match the amounts of fun I had all last week. I had a slim 4/5 pints on Monday and was my usual, gobby wasted self by 8.30pm which meant it was time for more pizza, guilt and unenjoyable fags. My days with Beautiful Boy always seem to begin in the pub and end up with too much food, only on my part of course and involve me smoking copious amounts of cigarettes which has left me bordering on the edge of an addiction. I no longer seem to be in control of when I smoke and when I don't and as smokes go hand in hand with drinking, that's a lot of smoking. Although this week I have drank minimal alcohol units I am still puffing away like a virgin giving head for teh first time and it's driving me insane. I stink. I hate the smell of day-after smoke and that's all people now smell when they come near me. Poor Lil Red has to suffer staleness and I have even seen myself trying to get her to give in to peer pressure and join the smoking crew so it isn't just me that reeks of years old ashtrays. HOw selfish I am. The Malboro Menthols are very hard to resist it has to be said. I thought smoking would decrease my need for constant food intakes but now I am just fat and stinky as opposed to just smelly or just a chubber. What a delightful picture I paint to you of myself. I also have yellow fingers because my favourite part of the fag is pretty much the burning filter. I am now sadly famous for requesting the ends of fags (jesus I'm talking like a poof now) and it does look ever so minky but it just tastes so good. Sometimes I will see myself in the bar with 4 people's 'leavings' trying to arrange them in order in which to smoke them. My criteria is loose (as are many things about me) but I like the end of a fag to be smoked by the smoker taking deep draws, this makes it taste all warm and so so good. One day I will be the people you see fishing out fag ends from the cracks of pavements and approaching random foul people to beg for the last 2 draws. Smoking is phalic. I don't know why I appreciate it so much. Maybe it's substitution. Maybe it's because i think it's pretty cool. Smoking on some people does look damn good. WHo cares that they smell of metalic shit when they look all James Dean-y? Anyway, why the hell I am ranting about my smoking habits again is news to me and I'm going now to think about my party which I will tell you about tomorrow. Don't expect an invite, it's a sole party.

eating: bran flakes, 6 bowls of - waiting for the 'laxitives' to take effect