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Friday, August 23

After surfing through various blogs I discovered Yankee. Yankee gave me the idea to try and create a '100 things about moi' list which Yankee has launched as a kinda project. Being a self-centered, up-my-own-ass dyke (despite having no known reason to be), this task appealed to me more than a young lesbo fledgling so I put my whole body (and we all know that's a lot of body) into compiling the following list. Like I even need an excuse to think about nothing but me, myself and I. So here is 100 things you may or may not know about me and probably couldn't give a fuck about.

My 100 Things

*updated 8/9/04)

1) I had stitches in my tongue
2) I first kissed a girl when I was 15
3) I had to dress up as Harry the Haddock when I worked in a fish restaurant and have never been right since
4) The 1st record I bought was 10 good reasons by Jason Donovan
5) I once had a dream about a huge pubic bush and have been fearful of them ever since
6) I have attended 2 Shakin' Stevens concerts and am very proud to own souvenir 'silk' scarves...
7) I was a bit too comfortable in my turquiose blue jumpsuit 2 at the nasty fashion party
8) The 1st gay bar I went to was the Blue Moon Cafe in Edinburgh
9) I used to smoke Cutters Choice tobacco, badly
10) I have the entire Steps back catalogue
11) I abhor wooden spoons
12) I got sacked from a tele sales job after 3 months of smoking too many rollies
13) I clean my ears with cotton buds at least twice a day
14) My favourite colour is pink
15) I have an issue with the colour brown
16) I want to work in publishing, in New York
17) I went on my first beach holiday this year and came home with a powerful dose of the shits which lasted about a month
18) I've never had a one night stand
19) I was centre forward for my school hockey team despite the fact I can run as well as I can not eat
20) I have seen Britney in Manchester and Glasgow
21) I've never been upside down on a roller coaster
22) I am wearing massive pink slippers
23) I have 3 ace of base singles
24) I love Sash!
25) I used to have a tank girl tattoo
26) I hate shaving my legs
27) I have 35 baby beanies (OH PLEASE)
28) My house is all purples and pinks and fully fabulous
29) I collect smurfs
30) I have around 400 books, only half of which i have read
31) My shoes are UK 7
32) I like Diesel clothes and trainers but can afford neither
33) I've been to Mardi Gras 3 times and Pride once (london)
34) My favourite cheese is cranberry wensleydale
35) My fav perfume is Burberry Touch for men
36) Burberry clothing offends me
37) I'm scared of death
38) I like dogs better than people
39) I have chronic fatigue
40) I don't get people who can't admit who they are
41) I have £2 in my bank account
42) A boy called 'ugly dawson' unknowingly stalks me
43) My fav ab fab episode is 'fear'
44) I did dancing from ages 4-16, yes in a leotard goddamn
45) I prefer Saunders to French
46) I like silver butch rings
47) I'm on friends reunited - no one contacted me
48) The last film I saw was Girl Next Door. It was ace
49) Two teachers at school told me I was fat
50) I have yellow leg warmers

phew, that's half way, now take a breather while we have an intermission

51) I told my English teacher I fancied her
52) I stole porn from my friend's brother's collection
53) I got a 2:1 for my degree (and a prize!)
54) I weigh too much
55) I got 2 As and 4 Bs for my highers
56) I used to be in a 'group' called Baby Splats
57) I used to study European Business Admin with German. I hated it
58) I have 2 dogs
59) I used to like Andre Agassi in the mullet stage and have the tshirts to prove it
60) I have an older brother who is at least 6"6 tall
61) I have around 10 fag burns on my body
62) I think I am 1/4 dutch
63) I can fit my whole fist in my mouth and nowhere else
64) Full fat mayo makes me gag
65) I'm scared to go missing incase I'm described as 'mid twenties and broad'
66) I'm a tomboy
67) I like to sing, however badly
68) I did a boy
69) I tried to shave my head, once
70) I've had my nipple pierced 4 times
71) My hair is often cool yet often large
72) I used to wear tye-dye, seriously
73)I adore redbush tea and drink around 5 cups a day
74) Converse shoes rock my world
75) I wish I were slim but would never go to a gym
76) I’d like to work for a lesbo publisher
77) I hate the word lesbian but frequently use the word 'lesbo'
78) I fancy most Americans
79) Generally I go for blondes
80) If I could turn back time it would be last Summer and I’d be in NYC
81) I hate people who copy what I do
82) I have a squint smile
83) I've read Tipping the Velvet 4 times
84) I know the script for Home Alone
85) I don't like thongs
86) I'm over £8000 in debt
87) I can't handle alcohol
88) I've had 63 driving lessons and still can’t drive
89) I've had 3 stalkers
90) I hate using public bogs
91) I like sparkley nails
92) I have no boob preference
93) For the record, I don’t have my fanny pierced
94) I like karma beads, especially in black
95) Tapered jeans drive me fully mad
96) I like my wrists, my only slender feature
97) I hate sci-fi
98) The last text message I had was from J BO
99) I like cuffs on my wrist
100) I’m bored of this list

If you have reached the bottom of this list and have actually managed to read more than 2 itmes then I applaud you. If not, don't worry cause I bored myself to death just writing the list. Gee I wish I were a more interesting person.