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Tuesday, August 6

hello all. yesterday i drank beer in the park, got a frisbee smashed of my head, ate too much ice cream, played mini bowling and thought about Cher. It's all very exciting I'm sure you will agreee but as my ability to think about anything aside from Cher and coursework is limited then I will not blog a great lengthy description of every minute thing I carried out yesterday. Actually there is one other thing I am thinking about that doesn't involve plastic faces and ejournals and that is Mr Trashwhore. This is quite an unusual thought for me considering I think of nothing but ladies and shit music and cheese. I guess it could be argued that mr trashwhore loosely fits into all these categories but that's another story completely and one I'm not really qualified to comment on. Anyway, Mr trashwhore has decided to bestow his words upon the freaks and geeks of Aberdeen via a fortnightly fanzine and has said that should I want to show the city of shite how badly I rant about nothing that matters, then I am free to do so. I got a bit excited with myself and thought I would be able to share the delights of puss size and muff puffs with those who do not know me but alas fannies are off the agenda. It's what I talk about best but we will just have to see if I can come up with any other unimportant ramblings that I may piece together from parts of my weblog. You should check this out, it looks all kinds of cool. It's called flowback and this is the site. That's all for now because my head is in burger mode, despite my disliking for the beefy pattis. Call myself a lesbian?