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Thursday, August 29

Hello there readers. It's been 4 days since I posted last and I'm quite sure no one missed my rantings about nothing in particular or even noticed I haven't been here but I will apologise for my lack of blogs and explain the reason why nevertheless. I've been on a jaunt. Myself and Lil Red decided to take ourselves up north and pay a visit to the highlands aka Inverness and then onto Carrbridge. WHile it had been initially decided that we would camp out under the stars, we ended up in quaint bed and breakfasts where the toilets were shared and the breakfasts were plentiful. We ditched the camping idea after deciding that it was not particularly safe for 2 young lessers to be haning out in the middle of nowhere alone in a tent where there were no doors to bolt and no windows to lock. Or even more so we didn;t go camping because we are lazy fuckers who thought that humfing a tent and sleeping bags was far too much effort. I don't really have time to tell you all the juicy details of dining with grannies and sharing a room with 40 flies and getting stuck on water slides because my eyes are sore and my fingers are listless but I will return very shortly ie tomorrow to tell you about my 3 days up north in amongst the heather and wildlife and beasts unwelcome so please feel free to tune in, sit back and not enjoy. Right now I'm going to think about the consequences of too many fast food meals and fresh air that have been apparent over the past 3 days. I'm thinking wind, I'm thinking my arse, I'm thinking stay away.

It's become clear that certain people are using my weblog as a means of 'checking up' on those they pretend not to love and it's slightly bothering me. Generally I don;t care why people read this thing I call writing but please, if you wanna know what your mates/love interests are up to, ask them because I know you really have no interest in what the hell I'm doing. Maybe I will even change the names of some main players just to confuse you 'checker upers'... and off I go to tex bitch from benidorm and call chunky monkey and fart on the leg of fixy and foxy.