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Friday, August 23

I'm listening to Babuska by the odd Kate Bush and it sums up exactly how I feel about my head hair today. I tried dyeing it the other day to not much avail. My hair is a non descript colour that remembles nothing I know, is rather long right now and thicker than any hair I've ever come across. Well kind of. And so hair dye takes to my hair as well as I take to eating fruit and vegetables. I dyed it supposedly lighter but trying to avoid the yellow common slag look that so many Aberdonians are fond of and not a soul noticed. I bought a further paket of 'lightest blonde' and tried again. I had a panic attack when I caught a glimpse in the mirror as I was waiting for it to develop. It was fucking bright piss yellow. Having a major 'I look like a whore' trauma I removed all traces of the dye from my head to discover it was the harsh bathroom lighting that gave my head a flourescent look so my hair remains the same dull 2 tone colour and I'm gutted. Hair dye so does not come cheap but with the amount I've spent in the past 2 days on such products (including the brown I bought for low-lights) I would have been cheaper packing myself off to Nicki Bloody Clarke in London for the full works. INstead I'm left penniless and looking no different with my haste to perform a DIY hair job, knowing I'm as good with hair as I am with boys. Some people are so impatient and so damn cheap. That'll teach me not to go to a proper hairdressers and will also give me a good excuse to go visit my hot hairdresser and get her chat about her holidays that I really don't care about as she lovingly cuts and shapes some life into my lacklustre hair. Now I'm happy.