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Wednesday, August 14

It had to happen sooner or later. Nope, I have definitley not developed a love for gypsy frillls or a sudden adoration for bad punk but guess who I saw today as I close to literally ran to town to buy flowback? The one the only Lynne Moncrieff! It's very rare that i ever express joy through the use of an exclamation mark so you should note how happy I am. For anyone that does not know who Lynne is, and that's probably everyone that reads this, Lynne was on the British Big Brother 3 and resides somewhere in or around Aberdeen. She was unfairly booted out after 1 week and it appears only I missed her and her uniques tones. She is hot. Well she looked pretty hot today as she cycled her bike in the Aberdeen semi heat right past me with a flicker of eye contact to boot. How could she not look at me, we were the only 2 people in a quiet street and I did have rather large headphones on so it's not like she could have missed me really. The only thing that concerned me was the amount of make up that was caked on her pretty face. It reminded me of turd caught on the back of the toilet it was that thick. I even forgave her for her long shorts which i hasten to add were definitely not peddle pushers. NO way. Anyway, I had to share this with you because I have been crossing my legs in anticipation to see her and that really hurts you know. I even spent my last credit in my phone telling someone about it. They never even replied. How rude. I know it's only me that gets excited over things like this but considering teh last 'celeb' to come out of Aberdeen was someone like Evelyn Glennie (who? i hear you all cry and that's a very good question) then it's no wonder my little heads gets all fuzzy and my gut gets all swirly when I see someone who has actually been on national Tv, as opposed to the local channel being interviewed cos they done good at an after school club. Too tired to think now. Goodbye all, it's been swell but swelling's gone down.

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