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Wednesday, August 7

It’s a funny day today. My mind should be thinking about the coursework I have due in on Monday which remains unstarted but all I can think about is Saturday night, the one that is to follow. As it is Beautiful Boy’s birthday we have arranged a party at the house of Babs and have set a fancy dress theme of ‘nasty fashion’. This was my idea as I could turn up in my regular everyday wear and pass well (and maybe even win the prize for best/worst dressed) in this category. My possibilities are pretty much endless and so far my outfit (the only 2 stipulations are that nothing must co-ordinate and we all have to have at least one item of clothing reminiscent of Luscious L which will cause no problems as everyone has a pair of socks that can be cut up and placed over the arms) consists of a turquoise jumpsuit which was a C&A (aka Cheap&Affordable and/or Cunt&Asshole) special and has an elasticated waist and wrap around belt, a pair of jazz shoes which are 17 sizes too small but will serve me well when I come to do Flashdance, a hand fan with a Spanish print and a hairband which the lovely Babs brought back from Blackpool for me, says it all. All I require now is a shoulder padded tee or something far worse and some Pat Butcher earrings which J Bo will probably be able to supply. It’s all very exciting. I have also heard rumours of mullet wigs, ski pants with high heels, dungarees and shell suits. It’s like heaven. And with the choice of tunes that will be booming around Cove this really will be a party to die for. Well it will be if anyone tries to slip on my patchwork hat without my permission. I do hope to bring you photographs of this event because I’m sure they will be ever so classy and worth remembering. Really. Am going now to find a string of pearls to set the outfit off nicely.

Oh and I told you yesterday about mr trashwhore’s new baby, Flowback… well I knocked up [a lesbian impossibility] a piece which was kinda thrown together from old weblog stuff and the man liked it so look out for my anti-fashion rant in Flowback. Please.

An ode to Pam

Oh little Pam, I do love you so
Even tho I think u r a ho
I know you love a mound
It must be sticky fingers all round
I wish you luck
With your new fuck
You are a lucky ‘chick’
And all the substitute for a dick
Take good care of The Queen
Or I’ll sort her out… know what I mean?