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Tuesday, August 13

It’s sunny. It’s Aberdeen. It’s all wrong. Very wrong. I just missioned for 50 minutes uphill to meet the Queen of Fun in this heat which I’m very unused to and actually rather unimpressed with. I like to moan about the shite weather as does any regular being but I think the sun gets to me even worse than the torrential storms and hypothermia weather. I mean after my slightly less than brisk walk to meet my lil lesbo I was dripping with salty sweat and the patches under my pits masked the entire shirt while my big red face stopped traffic. Such a pretty sight but I know for a fact the lady has seen me look so much worse. Hello I used to wear tye dye. Anyway, after having scorched all visible bits of skin (that’ll be my face then) and chatting lesbo things and eating good sandwiches I made my way home to face a terrified couple f dogs who were frightened by the stench I had trailing behind me. Bloody sun. It flatters no one. Having said this, I am now away to meet Lesbo Bob (aka Young B) who is now back in Aberdeen for the foreseeable future. I’m getting to check out her batchelorette pad where she will make many a young lass happy and then hang out in more sun which means a change of clothes is imminent. At least it will mean we can do our usual of bad ass spotting and other such immature sports that we are so fond of. And because of this sudden and one off popularity of 3 lesbos in one day (am meeting up with Lil Red later) I must leave you with this excuse of a blog entry but I’m sure you are all quite used to it and probably rather glad.

Having finished my coursework and now feeling slightly less stressed I will have time to surf other blogs and let you into my findings. I know I have already mentioned this but because I haven’t had time to check out much of it myself I would like you to, so surf the dykewrite webring when you have a moment. I know you won’t be disappointed with the results. Don’t expect the same stupid humour as me. I know that’s a selling point in itself for you all and these lesbians can actually write about stuff that matters so go, surf.

Listening to: Tiffany. I just can’t get enough I am sorry.

Today’s Likes

My better mood
Sweat bands which are so handy for today and still so cool
Camping (more to come on that)
Pretty smiles

Today’s Dislikes

Trousers with zips up the front which look like a split beaver
Painful shoes
Not enough time for fun
Too much time working
Turkey, the place and beast

Looking like poop because: lack of sleep, too much sweat and not enough water