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Sunday, August 18

So, my weekend has been surprisingly quiet after weeks of partying like a fanny. As a last minuted thing we hung out at The Queen of Fun's place of residence as she furiously packed (more like stuffed) her case all ready for the land of Turkey. Why does Turkey and stuffing always go so well? There was no burning, no theft this time but loads of stale wine and dope. We desecrated every music video as we all got a bit excited at having Sky Tv at our disposal, we ate too much pizza and peanuts and left the Queen to tidy the mess we left behind. It was unlikely she'd be sleeping that night after the ichy stuff we put in her bed as a parting gift. On the clean sheets as well and considering the Queen likes to change her sheets as often as I change my pants (very rarely) then this was a particularly mean thing to do but I'm sure the stains left behind could be no worse after she and Pam were finished with their business.

And so readers, I am on holiday for 2 weeks from my shop job and this is very exciting - no more customers hurling abuse at me, no more swanky knee length tshirts and no more porn buying sleaze meisters asking for my number. I'm sure you see the plus sides too. And because Miss Fee is on holiday she is retiring to other lands where she will park her tent and her cooking stove somewhere moist and chilly and will not be seen til rabbits find her and massacre her large body. This may take some time so I'm afraid that my blogging activities might be somewhat limited for the next couple of weeks. I will do my best to post you details of my wonderful and exciting life whenever I can and will return to you in proper form in 2 weeks so there will be no need for those tears that are falling aplenty. I know how you all love my tales of puss, poop and podgers so so much but you will have to cope with less frequent entries until I return home and have proper access to my computer again. Until the next time which will actually probably be sooner than I think, have fun and keep ahold of the hankies and teddies to comfort you in your time of need.

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