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Thursday, August 15

Tell me why none of the shops I visited in my quest for porn sold Playboy. Why do they all have either no porn at all or so much sleaze and nastiness that I would have been there all day sifting through the Readers Wives, Asian Asses and Granny Gashes. One shop had more porn than sweets and still no playboy. Playboy is as classy as porn gets but nowhere seems to stock it. I didn''t have a real good rifle through as I was being observed by the spotty teen with a boner in his jeans and didn't want to give him cause to prod me with his stick. But i know it wasn't there. Playboy has a bit of sheen to it while the others scream homemade wank mags. I'm very disappointed. So is the Queen of Porn who wanted to delight her work mates with her magazine. Or at least give them something to do of a lunchtime. But that's enough about Pam and her 5 sisters. I must go. All this talk of porn is making me itch. Or maybe I caught something from flicking through the well read magazines in that little corner shop with the neon flashing sign outside.

Today's Likes

Hair in Ponytales
Nice hugs
Inciting mechanics to yell 'lesbo' at you

Today's Dislikes

Dreams about bombs and dead people
Chewed up gums
Boons busting (ahem) out of shirts
Spussy shoes, specially red or dead ones...

Can i just say that I think i have the biggest belly in history which is really not hidden in this pink shirt