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Wednesday, September 11

Does anyone care about the Spice Girls anymore? I didn't think so, so then why oh why were Channel 4 showing a prorgamme titled "7 days that shook the Spice Girls"? You would have thought there would have been an abundance of programmes relating to September 11th last night but instead we were treated to a dramatised programme about a group who have not been heard of since they either did better songs as solo artists or got married to poofy footballers. I don't get it. For anyone else that saw the programme they will know what I'm talking about when I wonder why on earth they played sinister music in the background when they announced the 7 main components attributing to their demise. Such things included that played part in their downfall were, wait for it... Posh meeting Becks! Hold on, it get's worse... they sacked their manager, by fax!! *gasp shock horror* More like *yawn, snore, dribble* When they arrived on the scene, admittedly I loved the gobby cows, for their cheesey ness and I remember my first gay club outings were to the soundtrack of the Spices as all the homos thought they could dance like fannies in tribute to them. I went through phases of all execpt Mel C who was 'Ugly Jumpin' Scouse Bitch Spice'. Well come on, no one loves a girl in a tracksuit with a gold tooth and matching nose stud. This is kinda ironic as I'd say she's pretty much the only one I rate these days. She's adaptable, not skinnier than my slender wrists and pretty hot, I'd say and her music is quite divine. Geri is a leather faced twat who sounds like she's smoked way too much drugs in her life although her tunes are passable and sometimes rather catchy. Emma is a cutesy nob sucking, stupid fringed ass who's never changed her hair once since the beginning of the group and her music sounds like poncy drivel. Mel B is a common slaaaag who's songs are as good as mice on valium doing karaoke. And lastly, Posh looks like a haggard whore, talks just like one too and sings as shite as a big floaty turd that's been up someone's constipated arse for a good 2 weeks. Oh they bother me more than I'd like to believe. Clearly Channel 4 were running low on shite-time TV to show this last night. Either that or the producer is knobbing one of them who has a solo single coming out in the near future. Despite wanting to smash my fist through the TV and pull out each one individually so I could pull out their hair and trash their stupid platform boots, I watched it from beginning to end. I like to torture myself. Oh and the pictures of a 'chubby'-faced Posh, a big titted Geri, a huge-shoed Mel B, a large-thighed Emma and a Tight-ponytailed Mel C were too good to be missed. NOt a bonny group of lasses that's for sure and if they were chosen out of 400 wannabes in the auditions, I sure would love to see the video tape of those who didn;t get through. How bad, ugly and grubby must they have been???

In memory of the stupidest group in history, my lists for the day will be all about the Spice Girls who tried so hard and failed so much.

Fav Spice Songs

Spice up your life
Viva Forever
Jumpin baby brown
Foxy Lil Lady (part 1)

It's so long ago I can't remember anymore

Worst Spice Songs

I haven;t got long enough so will just site the whole last album 'forever'... forever my fat arse

Least Fav Spice: Mel B, Posh and Baby
Fav Spice: Mel C

Fav Solo Spice Song: I turn to you - Mel C

Worst: all the ones posh did esp the one with fat dane bowers

fuck me I'm bored of this game now, goodbye you big haired, fat gobbed nobheads who wear shoes bigger than my arse. Yeah, I'm talking about the Spices, not you readers.