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Tuesday, September 10

I got the good news that I passed the coursework I had to rebsubmit. Pretty impressive considering I started it and finished it the day after the 'nasty fashion'party which was the day before it was due in. I'd had 4 months to do it but instead I thought that I'd be able to knock up a third rate essay when I'd slept for 3 hours, was majorly hungover, had cake in my hair and was ragey as hell. I was right. And so I continue to 4th year when I may have to do actual work this time around, not drink as much and spend more time at home. Yeah right. Anyway, as well as receiving the best news I'd had since I discovered cheese slices, I also discovered the comfyest sofa in pub history. Needing alcoholic refreshment to celebrate, or to wash down my carrot soup if you like, myself, Babs, Beautiful Boy and Straight Man A headed toward the newly refurbished Triple Kirks, now a 'scream' pub. The palce was relatively busy, with every chair occupied. Just as we are thinking about leaving we head up toward the balcony and we are faced with sofa heaven. THis delux sofa which was tucked away in the corner, was red plether and teh size of a double bed, completely intended for you to lie back, relax, get wasted and watch the TV which wa splaying quality music videos all day. We arrived at 2.30pm. I left at 10pm. That's how comfy it was. On putting such sofas in, theres no way they intended you to leave in a hurry. It was like being over at your mate's house, it was that relaxed. We even forgot about the video camera that was directed right at out little corner and which projected images of our group up on a TV screen, in full colour, at the bar. Double chins ahoy! On the 7 and half hours I was in that bar, various other people came and left our group. Sexy G arrived after work to get cosy with Beautiful Boy and munch down on a chip and cheese butty, Lil Red arrived after 3 hours to drink expensive drinks, Young B came and got gobby with her lesbo shoes on and the J Bo and Mad A arrived with polonecks and nasty photos (more about them another day, the thoughts are still too painful). Oh and we had a brief visit from the Foxy American Chick who gave Young B something to drool over. The only one missing from this group of odd bods was Queen of Fun who was being funless and soreheaded but she was missed and I would have loved to have seen her face when she saw the photos of herself in a pair of curtains and white stiletoe shoes. What a picture, or 20. And that was my day of the colossol sofa which put sitting in a pub with your mates on a different level. Oh I will be there early every day to claim my place on the sofa made for 10, you better believe I will be.