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Monday, September 9

I have decided to do a 'blog of the week' type thing where for times like this, when I have nothing to say and no time in which to say it, I will direct your attention to a site I particularly like. If you have any suggestions or want to nominate your own blog, feel free to mail me with the addresss. I aint looking for anything in particular and just cause all i am capable of writing about is bogs and bananas, doesn't mean I necessarily only wanna read similar themed blogs. But... I do like to be amused. While this will not guarantee you loads of extra visitors or make you famous, it will give you the pleasure of knowing that I like your site. Or something. And there are also no 'prizes' available because 1) I'm a minker and 2) That seems like too much effort but if I really like you, my home telephone number may well be up for grabs and I may take you out for a slap up meal in my local Mcdonalds or you may get to watch the Fee devouring her legendary tunacheese melt. You people are really special to me... Will keep surfing my webrings and various other outlets and let you know who I like, otherwise mail me.

Am now going to perform the task that is drying my vast and stupid locks whilst waiting for the phonecall from my lecturer where he tells me I did not pass my resit and will therefore not be allowed to do 4th year. I think I will probably not get that call today. lecturers have a habit of never making those calls and you are left to hound them to the point where they place a restraining order on you. Or was that because of the time I followed one home and tried to slip her a digit?

"Sin" is hurting my ears. In a good way.