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Friday, September 6

This is pretty much what I look like today (poor little doggie) after drinking 3 whole pints which appeared to be half shandy-fied and 2 vodka and diet cokes on an empty stomach all before 9pm. It's a sorry tale that I was so wasted after 5 drinks but not one you are unused to hearing. However, I did not vomit. I'm trying to get my puking habits (which I fear may now be psychological) in order and it has been maybe 2 weeks since I chucked up due to alcohol. That's a lie. I vomited acrid bile in Inverness as silently as I could, aware that I could wake up the other sleeping guests at anytime with my bouking and back splashes. I did not hurl in Glasgow or at the family bbq I attended last Friday, despite my worries to the contrary. I'm proud of myself. I hope you are too.