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Friday, September 20

I was perplexed to see a sign in a butcher's window advertising "BEEF SKIRT" yesterday. I mean, I know I'm a vegetarian (often code name for a lesbo) but I still thought I was quite 'up with things' in the world of food and beefy delights (??) but what the hell is a beef skirt? I know what Beef Curtains are, hello I'm a lesbian for godsake I'm supposed to know all lingo for fanny but I am mystified as to what a Beef Frock is. Does it mean that you get an oxo flavoured tutu that you can wear at the dinner table so you can feel akin to the dead beast you are currently slaughtering with a steak knife and jabby fork? Or does it mean that the butcher is a lesbian perv? My head is thumping with all this thought of flabby bits of beef. There's only so much of that a lesbo can handle in a day.