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Sunday, September 8

Once again I look and feel as though I have died and not fully come back to life yet. Having zero dinero with which to party, myself and a band of merry queens took over the residence of Gypsy Frills Anonymous (GFA) for probably 6 hours too long. GFA has, for some reason, housed a nearly homeless Queen of Fun for the past 4 months. Well, Queen of Fun suits a grubby face and eating out of garbage trucks as well as I suit sleeveless so I guess GFA didn;t have much choice in the matter. Or maybe the rumour of paying her in kind is true. I had been through a number of names for GFA but nothing seemed to fit. First there was Jobbie Queen for reasons i dare not go into and then there was Spawn of Gay but then after being knocked flying by the ruffles hanging off her sleeve, I knew Gypsy Frills Anon was the best possible solution. Maybe GFA will not agree. If people ever liked me before, they rarely like me after they read my weblog and then abhore me full heartedly when they finally get an alias. Oh well. Of course some people never get mentioned, ever. I'm being sidetracked again. I will simply pick out the highlights of the evening for me. Hold on. I may be sometime. when I'm mean I don't mean to be. Hmmmm. It was a pleasant affair with much freezered vodka being drunk, much talk on jobbie etiquette (is there really such a thing?) and other such nonsense that makes my weblog seem tame. What do you mean it is? I worry about my friends. I think I deserve compensation for them. If anyone wants to swap one or even buy one straight up then I'm sure we could come to some sort of arrangement. I could recommend them all for something different, depending on your tastes. They each have their own specialities. For example, Beautiful Boy's talent is turd talk, Babs' is willies and their strange shapes and smells, Lil Red likes inappropriate violence and The Queen of Fun loves to astound us all with tales of lesbo porn while strip teasing down to her minute thongs. I'm not sure we are capable of talk that doesn;t have a poo, a pie or porn as the main theme. I hope not at least.

This abode we were hanging out is my favourite place to carry out misdemeaners. It's the same place I thefted an odd assortment of belongings and it was also here that I burned the underneath of the sofa cushion and it was in that very house that I left the Queen of Fun a parting gift of itching powder which led her to believe that she caught crabs from a Turk. I love mischief and last night was to prove to be no different. Not only did I pocket some swanky nail varnish that will go bonny with my dancing outfit for next week, but I also had a rummage through some drawers and was very shocked at the contents these pants revealed. I can't go into that right now. On the way out I tried to get away with GFA's copper collection, a camera spool and a box of tampons which I found wedged somewhere they never need go this morning. I really must return them. After writing obscenities on every passing frosted window I skipped merrily off home to pass out with a line of drool running down my face. I am beautiful, let's not argue. I awoke after a meagre 4 hours sleep to face a day at work where the only reward was extra breaks and time and a half pay. My weekend has passed too quickly and in order to prolong it I thought going dancing tonight was the only answer. This thought was erased as quick as something real quick when I realised my eyes hadn;t been open in 4 hours, I had real BO and the stench of stale cabbage was clinging to my hair. Oh and the final of "I'm a celebrity: get me out of here" is on. More about that momentous occasion tomorrow cause I'm missing a dramatic socialite having a breakdown on national TV. It's very exciting.

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