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Wednesday, September 25

We've come upon a real money maker. Young B came up with the plan and I'm sure it's one that should definitely be implemented. After having witnessed the spectacle J Bo always creates, everywhere she ever goes, with or without copious amounts of alcohol, it has been decided that we are going to take charge of the J Bo and hire her out for parties. J Bo is GUARANTEED to liven up any party, wedding or dare I say, funeral. If she doesn't, there's a money back guarantee. We know you people wont be disappointed. For anyone who knows J Bo, this needs no further explanation because everyone is of the same opinion that the J Bo could sit amongst 300 geeks who talk physics and whose idea of fun is chess and she could have them on chairs, downing sambucca and ripping off their clothes to the soundtarck of Chesney Hawkes. For anyone who doesn't know the J Bo I feel almost sorry for you because everyone should have one in their lives. All she needs to get the party going is a stereo, some fags and people to watch the unfolding performance. She really is quite something. So, if you are having trouble with your friends who are unable to let go, even after an abundance of vodka and would like to run around a party doing bad 80s dancing and singing power ballads with a side pony tail then you should email me at mypartiessuck@ineedJBo.com
This is the how we will market J Bos services

Are you bored of your friends and their conversation that revolves around pensions and car care? Are you tired of hanging out in their droll company playing backgammon? Are you embarrassed of their nerdy ways which sees them smoking cigars and guffawing? If you are affected by any of these situations and can see no way of making your friends more interesting then we have what you need. J Bo. J Bo is a girl with an odd dress sense who knows just how to get the party started. J Bo will remove all offensive items from a party (such as chequered board games, work conversation and property registers) and replace them with items guaranteed to make your usual dull party into the fun-est event of the week (such items include, Twister, dirty dancing lifts and water slides). The J Bo will also provide the soundtrack for the evening and ironic favourites will include Tiffany, the Locomation and Dancing With Tears in My Eyes and to these she will show you the made up dances and as an added extra she will show you how to really 'power ballad'. To top off the evening she will give you concussion, rip her clothes, full body hug everyone and maybe even show you her bush. So come on people with no life at their parties, you can have the parties you always dreamed about from the ages of 5-7, all you need is a little helping hand from the Queen of Entertainment, Miss J Bo. To book your very own fun-filled J Bo or for any further enquiries (like how to get J Bo to confess undying love for someone she really shouldn't want or how to wear a gypsy frill with pride) then please leave a comment and she will defintely get back to you especially if you are gay or married.

What do you reckon? I really think we are on to something here. Ads in the local paper should see her invited to many an 80th do or a bridge club 25 years reunion party. She will be in demand, so to avoid disappointment, book now!